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Consulting & Brand Design

No matter if you’re thinking about rebranding, or you want to create a new business – AMA Studio will help you shape it all together. I would love to hear all about your business’s needs and support the growth of your business by providing all this solutions on the highest level.

UI & UX design / Web Design

AMA Studio will build (or rebuild) for you products from ideation to launch and seamlessly integrate the brand across the customer journey. Every project is composed of the worlds of design, business, psychology, user needs, and technology into one refined end product.

Brand strategy

On the basis on my experience in digital marketing and user experience design, I create marketing strategies for companies, based on branding, visual and utility activities.

Photo Editing

I love to edit photos and I have been building this skill since I was in high school. I create a lot of presets for photo editing for everyone, but I also do professional photo editing for magazines.

Check my design and more:

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Lately on the blog:

What are Lightroom presets and why you should be using them! + FAQs

What are Lightroom presets and why you should be using them! + FAQs

Yaaay, finally you’ve captured the photo! The angles are perfect, content is great, you are totally happy with the composition, and only one thing to do is posting your photo in social media. But stop! We are in 2021 and to be honest... you’re only halfway done with...

What is branding and why it is so important?

What is branding and why it is so important?

By definition, branding is nothing more that marketing practice. With branding we often combine corporate logos, visual identities or colors. But is it really sufficient explanation? Branding is for me the process. Not always easy, not always beautiful, but still a...


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