Hi, I am Aleksandra!

I don’t only make things beautiful.

I make them work great as well.


A passionate designer, an inquisitive psychologist and a sensitive artist? Yes, it’s me. My work is not only the design that is visible in the end result – it is a whole creative process consisting of psychological strategies, usability, and purpose. I will design and develop experiences for you & your brand but first of all – for your user.

I am Aleksandra – a UX Designer, and Digital Product Manager, and I can be your next business partner.

I was led into the UX Design industry and Product Design by the interesting path of my career, which has followed two directions since high school: architecture and web design.

After finishing art school with a specialization in computer graphics, I decided to study architecture. While studying architecture, I found a job as a web and graphic designer and that opened me the doors to working in software design, web design, and later also app design. Thanks to this job I also decided to study computer science.

I gathered first experience in the UX department (although no one called it that at the time) exactly in my first job, and then mainly as a freelancer, working with many interactive agencies. At that time I was designing mobile applications, whole SaaS systems and software, but also complete ecommerce solutions.

In the meantime, I alternated my IT career with architectural positions (after first studies & courses I’m an interior designer and urban planner), where interior or urban design taught me to approach the user, understand their needs or desires, and struggle with many problems on different levels.

Much of what I learned in architecture, I can successfully translate to work in UX Design and Product Design.

In addition, working on UX Design has also opened up new experiences for me as a Product Owner, which has allowed me to look at the whole digital product process & business expectations in an even more differentiated way due to the different perspectives of the people in the team.

In 2019 I decided to do courses in Design Thinking and Agile Project Management, to systematized my previous knowledge, to improve my work, and my qualifications. For the same reason I decided to do a course in UX Design in 2021, even though I have now more as 12 years of experience in Graphic Design and Web Design and more as 8 years of experience in UX field.

Currently I work as a Head of Design, and I am responsible for for developing and managing all aspects of design and creative output for our clients, supervising daily workflow and monitor deadlines.
I introduced agile project management to the company I am working now, I have built a system of work organisation, and created two strong teams for key accounts. I manage my teams, provide training sessions and presentations, for both employees and customers.

Besides I am still working as freelancer in UX/UI & Web Design field.

I continue to learn and gain knowledge because every day I want to be better at what I do. I am currently taking the Product Owner course and in the next step I would like to pursue an international certification in Scrum & Agile.

I am ambitious, hard-working and slowly working towards my goals.

I hope that my varied education and different skills can blow some breeze in tackling problems with creative ideas.



Outside of work I like to spend my time reading a books, painting, but also doing yoga and absorb the nature (I love walking, hiking, listening to the birds and enjoying every little moment).


This is my story in brief. Would you like to know more? Get to know me better? Nothing easier than to write me an e-mail.



Who knows, maybe another interesting story will come out of it?


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