Yaaay, finally you’ve captured the photo! The angles are perfect, content is great, you are totally happy with the composition, and only one thing to do is posting your photo in social media. But stop! We are in 2021 and to be honest… you’re only halfway done with this perfect image. To do one photo today is unfortunatelly only one part from the whole process, you should to do, before people on another site of touchscreen will see it. Now it’s time to edit your photo and bring out the best elements, colors, and sharpness of the image. How to do it quickly and problem-free? Here we come!

It’s great time for LIGHTROOM PRESETS.


. What exactly are lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are saved configurations of settings, designed to achieve a certain look, style or color effect on our photos. Depending on the right balance of color, light, shade, saturation or overexposure brings out different possibilities in your photo. Thanks to this we can create more dramatic, more bright, more romantic or even more vintage look on the photo with only few clicks. It depends just from preset style, and our knowledge how to use them right or how to eventually fit them little bit to our photos.

Wait, what? Why should I fit something when I buy end product??
Every photo is different in the way it is exposed, contrast wise, and every sensor, no matter if it is a mirror camera or a phone, sees the colors a little bit differently. Sometimes it may turn out that the author of the preset, despite tests on many different photos, will set the saturation or exposure much too far, which instead of illuminating, will overexpose your photo. In such a situation, it is good to know which bar to move in all the settings in order not to spoil the effect but only to adjust the final result minimally.


lightroom presets calm wildness

. How it works?

At first you should install ordered Lightroom presets in your program. I write here program, because here you can choose 3 from another Adobe programs, depending on the presets pack you have ordered. You can choose presets for Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mobile or even Photoshop. The difference here is in the type of file, so it is important to know what you are buying. When you work with Adobe Creative Cloud and pay subscribtion, you can buy and use Lightroom Classic & Photoshop presets. If you don’t have subscribtion, Lightroom Mobile is only one posibbility for you – it’s free app for Android & Iphone, where you can use ordered presets without paying Adobe anything.

When you have the right program, install the lightroom presets into and then with one click you can apply one pre-determined settings to your photo. How to install presets to every program I have wrote in my free e-book, and you will get it free with every lightroom presets pack you will buy in AMA Shop. Once you click on the preset and it applies to your photo, you can then make manual adjustments because it is likely the preset won’t be perfect on every photo. Lightroom presets are a good foundation but often you can still need to make several adjustments to each photo to make sure they are perfect.


. Why presets are good and you should be using them?

Lightroom presets can dramatically speed up our photo editing – and who doesn’t like to save time?

But it’s not only about time! With good choosen lightroom presets for your photography you can easy create your unique style of your photos with one presets collection – no matter if you make it for your blog, for your business or even for yourself at all – we all like to see one style in presented works, and you don’t have to look far! Go to instagram and look, what makes photographers, artists, bloggers or anoter influencers – to have unique style is really important, and unfortunatelly build your professionalism. And hey! Remember that almost every photographer or professional blogger use presets! It’s a sign of our times 😉


lightroom presets pink morning


Presets are great, and anyone regardless of photographic experience can learn how to use them in their photos! Lightroom presets will help you create your own style, arrange your photo colours and embellish your social media accounts.

And once you start, you don’t want to stop!


How should I choose the best lightroom presets pack?

Pick your set by what results it achieves & because those results are what you are looking for. Reading a presets description is here really vital. Look for words that describe what type of finish you desire – you will reduce misunderstandings and disappointments.

How do I use presets?

Check out my free ebook, which you got with lightroom presets pack you have bought in AMA Shop. Here I explain you everything, you should to know to use and modify presets.

How much do presets cost?

You should be aware of the price about 2-3€ for one preset. Of course you can find cheaper presets in the Internet, but to be honest I wouldn’t buy them! To create preset, and match it to many different photos, it’s not 5 minutes work. Here it is necessary to find a golden mean, which in many cases will allow you to use a ready-made preset, or partly to modify it slightly. I sell standard packs (for Lightroom Classic or Lightroom Mobile) of 5, and from time to time master collections, where for the price of a single preset, many of them are free for you.


lightroom presets pastel vintage



Do you know presets? Do you use them? Or maybe you create them?

Let me know!


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